Coffee Makers Reviews and Coupons

For those that thought that Keurig K-Cups were a once-and-done technology, the new My-Kap for K-Cups make reusing the convenient pre-portioned coffee capsules possible. My-Kaps allow for coffee lovers to brew multiple cups of coffee or tea using the same K-Cup vessel. Using a My-Kap instead of a more expensive product like the My-KCup by Keurig proves to be a cost effective way to reuse a Keurig K-Cup with your favorite coffee. Simply empty used coffee grounds from the K-Cup, refill with your favorite ground coffee, replace the My-Kap and brew another great cup of coffee as usual.

The Perfect Pod Holster is one of the best ways to enjoy any coffee pod in your Keurig Coffee Maker. With so many varieties of coffee on the market, the Perfect Pod Holster allows you to enjoy a greater range of coffees from coffee manufacturers other than K-Cup manufacturers. Coffee pods are an innovative way to enjoy coffee. Purchase them from coffee giants like Senseo, Melitta, illy, Starbucks and more, or make your own coffee pods at home with your favorite ground coffee using the Perfect Pod Maker.

For those seeking an alternative to using Keurig K-Cups with their Keurig Brewers, the EZ-Cup for Keurig Coffee Makers by Perfect Pod might just be the answer. The EZ-Cup allows coffee lovers to brew any type of coffee in their brewer without the need for a K-Cup. The pod and filter of the EZ-Cup act in much of the same way as a K-Cup, but without the cost and waste of a K-Cup. The EZ-Cup uses EZ-Cup filters (sold separately from the EZ-Cup) to ensure a perfect brew.

Reduce the time spent brewing coffee with the revolutionary Solofill Cup. Specifically for use with Keurig Single Serve Coffee Makers, the Solofill Cup is a refillable filter cup that eliminates the process of removing the filter holder when brewing coffee other than a K-Cup. The Solofill Cup is a step up from the My KCup, which allowed for users to brew their own coffee, but could only be used if the pod holder was completely removed from the brewer.