Coffee Makers Reviews and Coupons

Enhance your coffee experience with the K-Cup Carousel from Keurig. The perfect way to show off all of the delicious flavors available in K-Cup single-serve sizes, the K-Cup Carousel helps you organize and display everyone’s favorite flavors. Designed to hold up to twenty-seven K-Cups at once, the K-Cup Carousel gives all of your coffee, tea and hot cocoa drinkers a better view of what is available. No more rummaging through big boxes, the K-Cup Carousel rotates on a lazy-Susan base for ease of use. Just give it a spin and quickly gain access to all of the K-Cups in your collection.

Just one spin and you will see why the K-Cup Carousel Tower is the ultimate accessory for any Keurig fan. Built to display all of your favorite single serving K-Cup flavors, the Carousel Tower has room for up to thirty of the best coffees, teas and hot cocoas. Get rid of those big cardboard K-Cup boxes and show off your style with the K-Cup Carousel Tower.

Designed intelligently to display the lids of thirty Keurig K-Cups fifteen on each side of the rotating tower your guests, co-workers and friends will delight in the ease of use of the K-Cup Carousel Tower. The sleek black and grey design of the tower is perfect for most kitchens and offices.

My K-Cup is the perfect way to get the flavor of your favorite coffee with the brewing ability of your Keurig Coffee Maker. The My K-Cup filter system lets you choose your favorite ground coffee and brew it again and again through your Keurig machine. The easy-to-use system gives you a clean, perfectly brewed cup of your favorite joe without having to wait for your old drip brewer.

The Reusable K-Cup Filter Baskets for the My K-Cup system from Keurig are just what you need to continue brewing your favorite coffee day after day. Designed specifically to fit the My K-Cup holder, the My K-Cup Refill Pack includes two gold filters to make brewing a snap. With two convenient baskets, you can always have a fresh one on hand and eliminate waiting for a clean filter.