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How to use a Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

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If you're not familiar with the whole concept of single serve coffee makers, then you may want to know how the Dolce Gusto Machine works. In general, all single serve coffee makers use pressure to brew up one cup of coffee fast enough to still make it convenient to brew only as you need it. Here are the specific steps to running aDolce Gusto Coffee Machine.

First you need to make sure the water reservoir is filled and then turn on the machine. The heating unit inside will rapidly heat up enough water for one brew, and it is ready to go when the light turns green.

Open the front of the machine and insert the capsule of whatever type of coffee you want to brew. Lock down the handle to keep the Dolce Gusto Capsule in place, and you're ready to brew.

Move the lever to the red side for a hot drink, or over to the blue side if you are brewing something intended for an iced drink. You hold the lever in position for as long as you need water, its not controlled by the machine. This makes the Dolce Gusto a good choice for coffee-lovers who prefer to control the brewing process. Once you have filled your cup, move the lever back to the middle to stop the water.

The Dolce Gusto Capsules are designed for about 8oz of water, so you will get a stronger drink if you use less and a weaker cup if you add more water than that. Its up to you.

If you are making a regular coffee, you can unlock the Dolce Gusto capsule holder and remove it (careful, it may drip). That's all there is to it.

Now if you are making a 2-capsule drink, such as a latte, mocha or cappuccino then there is another step. Get the machine up and running but start with the milk capsule first. Watch the volume as you let the water run so that you leave enough room in your cup for the right amount of coffee for your drink.

When the milk is brewed, take out the capsule and put in the coffee one that goes with it. Run the coffee capsule the same way, brewing the appropriate amount. The packages of these drinks will make it very clear how much milk versus coffee you need to have, though you can always adapt it to your own tastes with the lever.

There are no automatic settings with the Dolce Gusto so you can't just press a button and leave. That's the price you pay for the ability to adjust your drinks to your own taste.

Currently, you can make more than a dozen different coffee drinks with the Dolce Gusto, with varying roast strengths and styles of drinks. Because the machine has 15 bars of pressure behind it, you can have a fresh cup of hot coffee in literally seconds. You really only have to watch the machine for a few moments, unlike a drip machine that can take several minutes to brew even a small pot of coffee.

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    lynsey Sunday, 02 November 2014

    Does it make a cup of regular coffee?

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