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Nespresso Capsules Varieties - The 16 Grand Crus

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Nespresso take their coffee seriously, they consider the perfectly brewed cup to be an expression of art. In line with this they have developed the 16 Grand Crus (Nespresso Capsules Varieties). Each Crus has its own intensity rating. This is not an indication of the amount of caffeine the coffee contains, rather the intensity of the flavor. Crus all have different functions are are better for some types of brew rather than others. Nespresso has placed them into four groups: Espressos, Lungos, Pure Origine, and Decaffeinatos.

Espresso is coffee in its truest form, many of these blends lend well to latte and cappuccino. The Lungos are for the longer pulled coffees, while the Origine range features a selection of globally sourced blends. For those that love the flavor and texture of coffee without the buzz and blood sugar spike, there is a range of decaf options available.


Ristretto - The most heavily bodies of the blends, with the highest possible intensity rating of 10. Made from a combination of African and South American beans, this blend is ideal for cappuccino, and also works well as espresso.

Arpeggio - Arpeggio is the best crus if you like a latte. A full bodied blend, it has an intensity rating of 9. The flavor has undertones of cocoa. This intense mix of Arabica beans is sourced from South and Central America.

Roma - The best choice for pure espresso. With an intensity rating of 8, this blend has a full flavor. It is, along with Apreggio, one of the highest selling crus. It has woody and roasted aromatic notes. It is best as an espresso.

Livanto - Livanto is another blend with deep wooden notes, however with an intensity rating of 6, it is lighter on flavor. It is a well balanced blend and has a slight caramel flavor to it. It’s good for someone who is looking for a middle of the range cup. It’s great for espresso, cappuccino, or latte.

Capriccio - An intensity of 5, this light bodied blend has notes of cereal and malt. This blend is grown in South America at high altitudes and has a combination of arabica and robusta beans. It’s best suited to espresso.

Volluto - Volluto is a lighter blend, with an intensity rating of 4 it has cereal and fruity notes to it. It’s sweet and lightly roasted.

Cosi - The lightest of the espressos, its intensity is just 3 and has lemony undertones. If you like a weaker latte or espresso then this is the choice for you. The cosi makes a great iced coffee in the summertime.


Fortissio Lungo - With an intensity rating of 7, those who like a full bodied lungo will appreciate this blend. It has dark notes of deeply roasted beans. It’s best enjoyed as a long pulled coffee.

Vivalto Lungo - A light and balanced blend, Vivalto has fruity notes and just the right amount of bitterness. An intensity rating of 4.

Finezzo Lungo - Fragrant notes of Jasmine make this very light blend stand out. It’s sourced from African beans and has an intensity rating of 3. Best as a long pulled shot.

Pure Origine

Dulsao do Brasil - A full arabica blend sourced only from Brazilian beans. A balanced blend with an intensity of 5, it has sweet notes of honey and malt. It’s best enjoyed as an espresso.

Rosabaya de Columbia - made from Columbian sourced arabica beans, the rosabaya blend is light, with fruity notes to it. It has an intensity rating of 6. It is best enjoyed as an espresso.

Inriya from India - Pepper, nutmeg, and cloves are the stand out aromatic notes of this blend made from Indian-grown beans. It has an high intensity of 10 and is full bodied in flavor. It’s a great blend for espresso, latte, or cappuccino.


Decaffeinato - Light and fruity with the lowest intensity of 2, this is the best choice for a decaf espresso.

Decaffeinato Intenso - Roasted at high temperatures, the intenso has a stronger flavor and an intensity rating of 7.

Decaffeinato Lungo - Smooth and creamy, this blend has an intensity of 3. It works best as a lungo. It’s made from a blend of South American robusta and arabica beans.

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