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The Best Single Serve Coffee Makers - Reviews and Coupons

So you know that you want the convenience and reliability of a brand new Keurig, Single-serve coffee maker, but you’re not quite sure which one is right for you.  Each of the Keurig Home Single-Serve Brewers has its own qualities and features that make it distinct. Depending on the amount of coffee you drink, the various options you desire and the number of people using the brewer, there are several wonderful choices in Keurig Brewers.  Take a look at the five Keurig Coffee Makers and how they differ.


The Keurig Mini



The Keurig Mini Brewer B30 (Av. price: $89.95) - The Mini Brewer is the perfect way to take your Keurig Coffee  with you no matter where you go. Under a foot in height, the Keurig Mini is compact and tucks away easily into a travel bag or luggage case. The Keurig Mini B30 is designed for those who wish to travel with their favorite coffee or places with very light traffic and use, such as cabins, boats, RVs, or college dorms. The Keurig Mini One Cup Coffee Brewer does not have much in the way of brewing options. You can only make an eight-ounce cup but, unlike any other Keurig Brewer, you can choose form three stylish colors: red, black and white.

A great gift, the Keurig Mini B30 is under $90 and allows you to enjoy the amazing variety of K-Cups wherever you may be. For its portability and ease of use, the Keurig B30 Mini Brewer is a favorite among Keurig fans.


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The Keurig Elite Brewer B40


The Keurig Elite Brewer B40 (Av. price: $99.95) - A step up from the Mini, the Keurig Elite Brewer is meant to remain on the kitchen counter. Slightly larger than the Mini, it stands a full thirteen inches and weighs about twelve pounds. The Keurig B40 offers more options than the Mini, allowing you to choose between an 8-ounce cup or a 10-ounce cup of coffee. Likewise, the Keurig Elite Brewer has a large, 48-ounce water reservoir so you will always have hot water ready to go, without the three minutes of waiting as with the Keurig B30. Designed for household use, the Keurig B40 Single-Serve Coffee Maker is not as portable as the Mini is, but it can make cup after cup of your favorite flavor of K-Cup without missing a beat.

Its sleek design and ease of use make the Keurig Elite B40 Single Sevre Coffee Maker a great option for a few-cups-a-day family looking for a high-quality and consistent brewer.


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The Keurig Sprecial Edition B60


The Keurig Special Edition Brewer B60 (Av. price: $129.95) - Considered the best value in the Keurig family of home single-cup brewers, the Keurig Special Edition Brewer or Keurig B60 offers some incredible options for making the perfect cup of coffee or tea. Most noticeable are the cup sizes. In addition to the 8 and 10-ounce sizes, you can also brew a third 6-ounce cup, for a stronger, more intense flavored drink. Other fantastic upgrades, such as the trendy chrome design and the attractively blue-lit LCD monitor make the Keurig B60 a pleasure to look at as well as use. The Keurig B60 Single serve coffee maker is programmable and allows you to adjust the temperature of your beverage to make it just the way you like it.

With the typical Keurig features removable drip tray, 48-ounce water reservoir, descale alert light you can enjoy all of the things you love about Keurig Coffee Makers with a few more bells and whistles. Perfect for a serious coffee drinker, the Keurig Special Edition B60 Brewer is a perfect blend of form and function.


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The Keurig Platinum B70


The Keurig Platinum Brewer B70 (Av. price: $169.95) - When only the very best will do, the Keurig Platinum Brewer or Keurig B70 is a must have.  Simply the best single-cup brewing system for your home, the Keurig B70 offers the entire spectrum of options and features that make the most perfect cup of coffee every time. With an impressive five cup sizes, you can enjoy a 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12-ounce cup of coffee, it is possible to brew an intense, iced coffee drink or a large, on-the-go travel mug form the same machine. The most identifiable difference in the Keurig Platinum Brewer is the use of the new Quiet Brew Technology. 

And with the giant, 60-ounce water reservoir, you can brew cup after cup of coffee or tea without having to refill.  Sleek and stylish, the Keurig B70 Single-cup coffee machine has all of the design elements of its predecessors, such as the blue backlit LCD monitor, the digital and programmable clock and the chic chrome handle and faceplate. Made for the serious coffee drinker who will only use the best, the Keurig Platinum Brewer is all style and class without any of the hassle.


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The Keurig-Cuisinart


The new Cuisinart Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker is designed with the impressive culinary expertise that has come to be expected from Cuisinart. Striking from its initial impact, the beautiful silver matte finish lends the Cuisinart Keurig single-serve coffee maker a look of pure luxury. A wonderful addition to any kitchen, this single-serve coffee brewer will match perfectly with all of your other high-end appliances. Its sleek lines and industrial design will have you feeling like your favorite coffee shop is right in your own kitchen. For anyone who likes to own the very best in kitchen appliances, the Cuisinart-Keurig Coffee Maker is a must have.

Aside from being a thing of beauty, the Cuisinart-Keurig Coffee Maker is chock full of technology and amenities that will make your coffee-brewing possibilities seemingly endless. True to the style of the Keurig family of single-serve brewers, the Cuisinart Keurig single-cup coffee machine offers a variety of brewing sizes for your convenience. Choose from five sizes, including a four-ounce iced coffee size, and six, eight, ten, and twelve-ounce options. Get exactly the amount of coffee or tea brewed in seconds, just the way you like it. And with its removable drip tray, you can even fit your travel mug on this brewer, making it easier than ever to brew and go.


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The Keurig Office Pro

Keurig Office Pro B145

The Keurig Office Pro Brewer (Av. price: $249.95)- If you want to take the amazing brewing ability of Keurig to work with you everyday, the Keurig Office Pro Brewer is right for you.  Ideal for any small office, break room, or conference setting, the Office Pro can handle a heavier traffic flow and will make a consistently delicious cup of coffee for everyone in the office.  Standing 13.5-inches tall, the Office Pro can easily fit on any counter space and with its 72-ounce water capacity, you can go for cup after cup without having to refill.  Made for commercial grade use, the Office Pro can stand up to the toughest demands, making about ten times the amount of coffee as the Keurig home brewers.  Easy to use and always a favorite among co-workers, the Keurig Office Pro allows you to make a 6, 8, or 10-ounce cup of any of the amazing K-Cup varieties available.  The perfect way to take the blandness out of break room coffee, the Keurig Office Pro Brewer is sure to become the talk of the office.

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No matter which Keurig Single-Serve Brewer you choose, when you open the box and set up your new brewer, you immediately know that you have found something special.  Extremely well-made and stylish, the Keurig family of home brewers is a unique and high-tech way to repeatedly make the best coffee you’ve ever had, right from the convenience of your home.

The Keurig Elite Brewer B40

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