How To Make The Perfect Cup With You Nespresso Machine

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Using Your Nespresso Machine For The First Time

The machine itself simply clicks together when it comes out of the box. It’s advisable to flush the machine through before you make a coffee with it. Doing this is easy, just fill the water tank out and let about half of it flush through the machine. You will probably need to press the ‘lungo’ button five or so times. It’s also a good idea to follow this procedure if you have not used your machine for some time. It’s as simple as that, you’re now ready to make your first cup.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Nespresso Machine

To get the best experience from your Nespresso machine it’s important that you clean and care for it well. At the beginning of each day, or when you turn your machine on for the first time, it’s a good idea to pour one lungo shot through without a pod. This will get rid of any debris in the machine.

Clearing out the pod bin regularly is also important. If you forget to do this and the bin overfills, the capsules can get stuck inside the machine. You should also use fresh water in the reservoir tank each day.

Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee With The Nespresso Machine

Once you've filled your machine with fresh water, warmed it up, you’re ready to rock. The first step is to preheat your cups. Before you place a pod in the machine, fill a latte or espresso glass with hot water using the lungo or espresso button. Tip the water out. A warm cup means your coffee will stay warmer for longer. It’s also believed that a cold glass can alter the flavor.

If you’re making a latte, cappuccino, or machiato, it is a good idea to warm the milk before you pour the shot. It takes a little bit longer to heat the milk than the espresso takes to pour. It’s also important that you have the right accessory fitted to your milk frother, otherwise your milk could turn out too flat or too frothy. There is a fitting for both latte and cappuccino style drinks.

The Importance of the Right Crus

If you want a perfect cup of coffee then it’s integral that you are using the right crus for the type of coffee you are trying to make. Nespresso offer a range of 16 Grand Crus that range in flavor and strength. Some are suited to short espresso shorts, some long blacks, and others for lattes. There are stronger blends, weaker blends, and a decaf option. If you use a blend intended for a latte as your morning espresso shot, you are going to be a little disappointed.

Choosing the right crus is as simple as deciding on how you like your coffee. Use the Nespresso online guide to find your right crus, or ask in store if you live near a retail outlet. It’s a good idea to have a good range of crus at your home, that way when you have guests you can impress them with a cup of coffee exactly to fit their preferences.

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