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So you know that you want the convenience and reliability of a brand new Keurig, Single-serve coffee maker, but you’re not quite sure which one is right for you. Keurig’s unique line of Single Serve Coffee Makers brings convenience and class to the home and office. With Original and Keurig 2.0 K-Cup Coffee Makers, it’s easy to make coffeehouse quality drinks with the touch of a button.

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Keurig has a number of different Single Serve Coffee Makers for the home and office. Find and share exclusive reviews and customer ratings for Keurig Original K-Cup, 2.0, VUE and Rivo Coffee Makers.

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Keurig coupons and coupon codes are a great way to get discounts on the Keurig Coffee Makers, Keurig Coffee Packs and Keurig Accessories that you love. Find and Share coupons for Keurig K-Cup and VUE Coffee Makers, Keurig K-Cup and VUE packs and more.

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Tip #2: Pre-punch Keurig K-Cup packs before you brew. By pre-punching your Keurig K-Cup before brewing, you’ll help eliminate coffee grounds in your cup while also helping the brewer remain unclogged by those coffee grounds..

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Brewing with your Keurig Single Serve Brewer at home just got a whole lot more exciting. Using eco-friendly, 97% biodegradable OneCup Single Serve Coffee from San Francisco Bay and Organic Coffee Companies, we’ll show you how to make some of your favorite coffee recipes in your own kitchen. Browse these recipes for easy-to-follow video tutorials for today’s hottest Keurig Coffee Recipes.

KEURIG K-Cup FAQ & Answers

Keurig frequently asked Questions and Answers is a great way to find and share information about Keurig Coffee, Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Coffee K-Cups and Accessories. You can ask questions on any Keurig related topic, get answers from real customers and share your insights and experience.

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  • Guest - Dan Hitch

    I have owned mine for almost two years and it is going out fast. I don't thing something that cost as much would go out this fast.l have used filter water and cleaned it out all the time. Oh well I won't spend good money on a new one.

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  • We think Keurig will discontinue their original K-Cup brewer after they introduced Keurig 2.0 K-Cup Brewers. Enjoy your cup.

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  • Guest - Lelia J. Schuster

    Was given a lovely Keurig coffee maker (a B60 brewer) for my birthday/Christmas gift. Used it a few times before ending up in a convelesce home for rehab after falling and breaking my hip and leg in 3 places. When returned -- used a few times as am usually running back and forth with grandkids. After not usuing it for a while it wouldn't workd. Re read the directions and tried it 3 times - still won't go on. It lights up and says read then all lights go off -- it shuts down. Do you have a repair service . If so where? How much to repair it?. Live near Watertown, Woodbury, Southbury but don't drive too much too far.
    Ms. LJ Schuster

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  • Guest - Nicole

    I bought one two months ago and I am very dissatisfied with it. After using it a few times it started acting up. It won't give me a full cup. Of course I am told nothing can be done because I didn't keep the receipt. The machine would be great if I didn't have to run thru two cycles to get one full cup.

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  • Guest - Patricia

    I have two keurigs and they both stopped functioning. I kept one for a year, having to brew coffe twice just to get one cup of coffe. Now I've had this one two weeks and now it don't want to brew my coffee. Happy birthday to me. Love Keurig

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  • Which model do you have?

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  • Guest - daveg

    Thank GOD I bought mine at COSTCO...because you can return it. Ive gone through two of them...but now, had to buy the newer 2.0 version. But, that one will not take the old coffee pods, as they read as a counterfit pod. ALso, you can no longer use your old reusable filter for your own ground coffee...YOU ARE NOW FORCED to buy and use on KEURIG/GREEN MOUNTAIN sanctioned blends. It is going back to COSTCO. Sorry KEURIG...but there are other brands out there half as much in price...and that dont break as often.

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  • Guest - Jackie

    My Kerrigan has the word Prime and the light blinks, why? I cant make coffee.

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  • Guest - patsy Riley

    I had purchased TWO of the keurig coffee pots and both have the same problem the water stops and goes a little and stop in the middle of the brew, I will bring my old coffee pot back to was to make it easery for the girls at work, instead it took 15 min. to make the coffee. That all break are. :( :p.

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